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Address: 20930 62 Ave NW

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Year: 2021

terrazzo lobby desk

This whole process began with a few simple rough sketches on how we could bring life into the bambini daycare entrance. Since terrazzo is a naturally occurring material, it only made sense that this was the material that would serve us best in achieving a natural, holistic inspired environment. Terrazzo is made by taking multiple shattered pieces of glass and pouring them into a cement base which, once has completely solidified, you are left with a most unique fixture that you could have never imagined, one that has never been created before.


The inspiration for the use of this material derived from bambini's program that offers nourishment and growth by allowing their children to construct their own, natural occurring path - one that cannot be pre-determined or mapped out beforehand by following a strict curriculum, like most traditional daycare programs. The top of the desk alone weighs around 400 pounds and in its entirety this project has taken over 350 hours of manual work.

We then proceeded to add a classic foot stand at the base to add an element of depth, along with a strip of black steel following along the shape of the desk at the top. The design is then topped off with a light fixture from Menu - which plays off of and mimics the black details.


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