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Address: St.Albert, AB

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Year: 2023

bambini learning group

This project was foreseen during a 5 year long waiting period. It was the first solo project for Studio Anva and designed entirely by Alyssa Anselmo. Upon receiving a completely empty building by the developers, our studio was offered an experience to design a 10,000 sqft. early learning and childcare center - to host 180 children between the ages of 1 and 12. 

Bambini offers a unique approach to daycare - working with the Reggio Emilia approach, and they are on a quest to bring back the joys of childhood, through a unique, holistic experience. 

Alyssa worked along bambini's vision to create a daycare center like no other. With everything being designed from scratch, from the distribution, to the walls, the lighting, vegetation boxes, bathroom sinks, millwork pieces, kitchens and even many of the furniture pieces. Everything little thing that you see was hand designed/picked out and synced together accordingly by Alyssa herself, including material finishes, FF&E, hardware detailing, all the way down to the ceiling details. 

All photos were creatively directed and taken by Alyssa Anselmo. 


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