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Location: Edmonton, Canada

Year: 2018

bambini branding

Bambini childcare requested a new identity to represent a new transition from a Montessori program to a Reggio Emilia approach. Since this early learning program is very holistic, creative and nature based, Studio Anva decided to embrace the simple route - why not have the children themselves create the brand?

We handed a set of paint brushes and acrylics to the children and allowed their creative minds to run wild. After that, we vectorised the paint splatters and added three colours that emitted a feeling of timelessness, innocence and cohesiveness. These three colours became the forefront of bambini, along with a custom designed typeface to showcase the name itself. 

The typeface itself was designed as a spin off on Futura. Adding rounded edges, softened curves and a slight playful serif to truly embody the innocence of childhood and simpler times. 

Business Cards New brightness.jpg


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